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Protecting forests through
collaboration, science, and outreach

The Forest Collective

Our Mission is to conserve and restore tropical forest ecosystems through scientific research, education and outreach, by collaborating and partnering with experts, civil society organizations, government agencies, educators, local communities, and artists. Our Vision is a world where forests and wildlife are valued and protected to ensure the future of Earth’s biological diversity and human wellbeing.

Our programs address forest loss and degradation, hunting, and wildlife trade in the tropical forest zone.


To ensure healthy ecosystems, we work with local partners to conserve some of the world’s most vulnerable species. 


We have a current focus on 

primates and pangolins.
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Tree Trunk_edited.png

We produce free resources
& science communication
& support community-based / collaborative conservation research... 

Explore our free 
conservation resources

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We believe science communication is an artform 

Have a look at the artists that work with us 

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