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Artists for Wildlife 

Science is an Artform

A big part of "doing" conservation is figuring out how to communicate the science of and need for conservation to a variety of audiences. 


This is where the arts come in. Artists are storytellers capable of speaking across cultures and depicting the world through unique and beautiful lenses.

Illustrators, painters, graphic designers, filmmakers, singers and songwriters, actors, and writers - all of these creative souls can use their artform to educate and inspire and advocate for the conservation of forests and threatened species.  

We especially love to include artists from the countries in which we work, to help us tell the story of conservation. 

We have worked with artists to help increase understanding of conservation issues, introduce new perspectives, and challenge people to consider their relationship with nature and become more engaged and invested in environmental causes. 

We Hire Artists

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Our Wildlife Artists

We encourage you to browse through the talented people who have worked with us so far. Each one of these people brought conservation to life and has inspired others to see the beauty and importance of our natural world.

more artist bios coming soon...

Want to get involved?

Do you have an interest in art and conservation, get in touch with us...

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